Why did Hercai’s Akın Akınözü Become a Twitter Trend?

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Here is the answer... Hercai’s 48th episode starring Akın Akınözü and Ebru Sahin was on screen last night (November 20th). Hercai’s lead actor Akin Akinozu found himself in the top of the twitter trend. He was also the trending topic in Chile and Greece.

Why is that? Well here is the answer that everyone is after.

In Hercai’s last episode the arrival of Füsun Aslanbey and the revelation that Hazar was Miran’s real father was established.


While Miran could not accept that Hazar was his father, Şadoğlu continued to make comments about the subject.

Still Reyyan, as usual, stands by Miran and doesn’t withdraw her support. Now that the truth has come out and thinking that all her secrets have been revealed, Azize Aslanbey becomes even more dangerous as she thinks she has nothing left to lose and no matter what happens, she is going to make Nasuh Sadoglu pay for the things he did in the past.

However, as Azize is running after her revenge, she is not aware of the issues happening under her nose. The secret plans that she didn’t even share with Aslan’s closest friend will be the cause of a tragedy at any moment.

Will Miran, who is trying to come to terms with the truth that has turned his life upside down be able to stop this tragedy? Or will Aslan, leaving the two families distraught, up and leave?

Miran, whilst struggling to deal with the devastating secret affecting his life on the one hand, will on the other hand try to block Aslan’s plans in order to protect his loved ones. Akın Akınözü’s whose personal life has recently become news, delighted fans in the last episode.

He ranked high on the trend topic list Twitter. More than 30,000 tweets were made about him. Here are the squares from the last Hercai episode (Episode 48).

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